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March 11th.

My thoughts and prayers go to those who had lost their lives, who had lost loved ones and who had lost their homes by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant disaster in Japan.

This year will mark the anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Do you remember the horrific pictures of the explosion at Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant? Trillions of becquerels of radiation have been diffused and contaminated water has been running into the Pacific Ocean. The government doesn’t know yet what to do with increasing radioactive waste and countless bags of decontamination waste are stored in eastern Japan.

Approximately 80,000 people still live in temporary housing as their homes remain uninhabitable due to radioactive contamination. Chernobyl proved that long-term exposure to even very low levels of radiation can cause health damage. In Germany eight reactors are still in operation and the recent accidents of Belgium’s aging nuclear plants worry neighboring countries. After Fukushima, Europe is now again faced with danger.

There is no official accusation of TEPCO, who is responsible for the accident. Without learning its lesson from the Fukushima disaster, the Japanese government is eager to restart nuclear power plants and has just restarted four reactors. Many of the Fukushima evacuees will have to choose to return home as the government will lift the evacuation order in 2017. This also means the government will no longer have to pay compensation to evacuees. Instead of securing continuous fair support for the evacuees, Japan is going to pour 1.8 trillion Yen (15 billion euros) into the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. Not only that, Japan is selling nuclear technology to India, Turkey, and Vietnam and the major Japanese manufacturers of nuclear power plants are trying to make profits outside of Japan, together with European companies.


A voice from Fukushima (Interviewed Feb. 2016)

I fled from my home and am currently living 80km away from the nuclear power plant. We are facing a huge dilemma –  we will soon be forced to move out from our temporary housing. Due to political decisions we are being forced to return home, but I’m very concerned about radioactive exposure and I’m worried about whether we can earn enough money to live on. 

It makes me angry when I hear politicians discussing sending us back home. I think they are taking radiation issues too lightly! They decontaminated the residential areas and the government announced the lifting of the evacuation order because they said that the level of radiation has gone down. But do you think anyone wants to live in a place surrounded by bags of radioactive decontamination waste?

When Tokyo was selected for the 2020 Olympic games and Japan was full of excitement about that news, I felt that something was terribly wrong. I felt that the suffering and the pain of those who were affected was totally ignored and I felt hurt by the TV coverage that acted as though the nuclear accident never happened. I try not to think about the Olympics and I don’t want to watch the news because I believe it is manipulated.


We forget easily what we can’t see. But the invisible radiation continues threatening our planet and lives. Leaving a negative legacy of unsolved nuclear waste for future generations is no longer ethically permitted. Nuclear energy and human beings cannot co-exist as Chernobyl and Fukushima testified. The energy transition in Germany is not enough to solve global issues. Until all nuclear reactors are decommissioned and uranium mining is stopped worldwide, we will be faced with danger. If you feel that nuclear energy isn’t necessary, say it out loud! Every one of us is a part of political decision-making. You might think your voice won’t be heard, but all our voices together can make a difference.

Please join us at Kazaguruma Demo on 19th March in Berlin –  “Fukushima and Chernobyl urge Nuclear Phase-Out Worldwide!”


Learn more : 100 Good Reasons against nuclear power




You can listen to the exclusive remixes of Aizu-Bandaisan (a folk song from Fukushima) that were created for our anti-nuclear Kazaguruma Demo – Remember FUKUSHIMA – held on March 7th, 2015 in Berlin.  Enjoy a wide variety of 14 songs!

Our deepest appreciation goes to the artists who devoted their time and effort voluntarily to this project.  Thank you so much!!

Please note:   The artists who provided the songs retain the copyrights and duplication of the copyrighted material for commercial use without permission is prohibited.


Sayonara Nukes Berlin


Anti-Atom-Berlin(アンチアトムベルリン)、NaturFreunde Berlin e.V(ナトゥアフロインデ)、ドイツの反原発、自然保護団体2団体との共催で行いました。

Puppe’n Muckeのライブ演奏がはじまりの合図となり、ブランデンブルク門前に集まった人々の注目を浴びました。その後、ブランデンブルク門前を舞台にSayonara Nukes Berlinから梶川ゆうさんが開会のあいさつをし、「福島の原発事故はいつでもどこでも起こりえます。放射能まみれの地球を次世代に残してはいけません」と訴えました。
福島県の民謡「会津磐梯山」に合わせてかんしょ踊りのレクチャーをした後、BodyPoetとTakushi&Friendsによるかんしょ踊りのダンスパフォーマンスが行われ、「Jetzt los!」(さぁ出発)の掛け声でデモが出発しました。
アンチアトムの横断幕「FUKUSHIMA HIROSHIMA NAGASAKI ATOMTOD STOPP 福島 広島 長崎 被曝死ストップ」(ママ)、女優の木内みどりさんから届いた横断幕「DON’T FORGET FUKUSHIMA」を先頭にデモは進んでいきました。
リミックス曲は公募し、ドイツ、フランス、イギリス、メキシコ、日本から15人のミュージシャン、DJからの応募がありました。そのうちの数曲をDJ SiSeNが演奏しました。
最終地点Potsdamer Platz(ポツダマープラッツ)に到着後、日本で「のりこえねっと」(ヘイトスピーチとレイシズムを乗り越える国際ネットワーク)の共同代表をしている辛淑玉(シンスゴ)さんのあいさつがありました。
Anti-Atom BerlinのBernd Lisekさんが閉会のあいさつをしました。
最後はPuppe’n Muckeのライブ演奏で締めくくりました。


「かざぐるまデモ」やります! ”フクシマを忘れないで!”  かんしょ踊りで大行進 07.03.2015

Flyer (front) 

Kazaguruma-Demo to mark the 4th Anniversary of FUKUSHIMA

Sa. March 7th, 2015,  from 13:00 Uhr Brandenburger Tor

 Sayonara Nukes Berlin, Anti-Atom-Berlin and NaturFreunde will hold its third anti-nuclear public rally “Kazaguruma Demo” on March 7, 2015. Our motto will be: “Vergesst FUKUSHIMA nicht! (Remember FUKUSHIMA!)”.

We will march through the city center of Berlin holding Kazaguruma (pinwheel in Japanese) to remember the lesson learned through the Fukushima disaster and call for a nuclear-free future. 

To show our respect to the culture that the people in the Fukushima region embrace, we will dance one of their traditional folk dances “Kansho-Odori”with remix music of a popular folk song from Fukushima called “Aizu-Bandaisan” in our parade.  

Join us and dance with us!

* Kazaguruma (pinwheels) will be distributed during the opening of the demo on 07.03.

What does “Kansho-Odori” look like?  Check this out! =>





Join our Anti-Atom Kazaguruma Demo!

8th March, 2014
13:00 ~
Brandenburger Tor (Platz des 18.März am Brandenbruger Tor)


3 Years have almost passed since the first day of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster in Japan. Is the Japanese government really doing its best to solve this global problem? And are the energy policies around the world really going the right direction?

We, as human beings, have the right to live without the fear of the dangers of nuclear power. Join us in this global rally for cleaner energy. The theme this time would be kazaguruma (little hand made wind mills), now a symbol for energy transition.

-After performances and speeches at Brandenburger tor gate, we will march to the Japanese embassy

-Performances will include a Satirical Comedy dance theater group organized by Bodypoet (Kazuma Glen Motomura) and GreenPeace Solar Drums etc.

-Come as you are, but with your own little kazaguruma (windmill), or signs would be great.

How to make one;

We, Sayonara Nukes Berlin, along with Anti-Atom Berlin, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schacht KONRAD e.V., NatureFreunde Berlin e.V. will conduct an anti-nuclear demo in solidarity with the Sayonara Nukes movement originating from Fukushima, Japan.
We will submit an open letter to the Japanese government urging discontinuation of nuclear energy, evacuation support for people of contaminated areas (it is voluntary and not supported by the government), and better action against urgent matters.

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■Sayonara Nukes Berlin
■Anti-Atom Berlin
■Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schacht KONRAD e.V.
■NaturFreunde Berlin e.V.