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NEWS: Call for the Demonstration on 8th Anniversary of Fukushima on March 9th 2019

Fukushima warns: Nuclear phaseout worldwide!
Call for the Demonstration on 8th Anniversary of Fukushima on March 9th 2019

Sa. 09.03.2019  12:00 Uhr
Brandenburger Tor, Pariser Platz, 10117 Berlin

A series of one of most severe nuclear accidents worldwide followed a strong earthquake and tsuhami on 11 March 2011. The Fukushima Nuclear Accident shows clearly that even highly industrialized countries cannot ensure safe nuclear plants. Nuclear disasters like this could recur at anytime, as long as nuclear plants are being operated.

Worldwide 446 reactors in nuclear power plants were still operating in 2018. Every reactor produces 20 to 30 tons of highly radioactive nuclear waste per year. And no operational final storage facilities are there to host the waste long term.

No consistent nuclear phaseout has been resolved in Germany. 7 nuclear power plants are still operating in Germany. Influential economic lobbies are calling for extending their life. At the same time three research reactor and the uranium enrichment facility Gronau and the fuel elements factory Lingen are completely excluded from the so-called nuclear phaseout.

Until 2022 15,000 tons of highly radioactive nuclear waste will be accordingly piled up in Germany. Approximately 8000 generations of human beings have been alive and less than three generations have created the giant amount of atomic waste, which has to be kept away from the biosphere for 33,000 generations.

The nuclear lobby is misusing the concern over climate change in order to represent their irresponsible business as a “climate saving” strategy. Nevertheless plenty of CO2 is produced throughout the nuclear chain beginning from uranium mining to generation of nuclear power for electricity and weapons up to “storing” of nuclear waste, not to mention that the reducing of CO2 and nuclear risks cannot be set off against one another. This is why it is important to recall: Only the rapid shift to renewable energies and consequent energy saving could mitigate climate change.

The nuclear technology threatens to make our planet Earth uninhabitable in several ways:
-Constructing nuclear weapons and other radiological dispersal devices,
-Polluting radioactive emissions from nuclear facilities in “normal operation”,
-Increasing the risks of nuclear meltdown like in Chernobyl and in Fukushima, which could happen again,
-and finally by unforeseeable leakage of nuclear waste.

We therefore call for:
• Immediate shutdown of all nuclear facilities worldwide.
• Annulling of EURATOM and all the other organizations promoting the nuclear technology.
• Redeployment of all nuclear technology promoting grants and subsidies in favor of renewable energy and researches on dealing with nuclear waste controlled by civil society.
• Worldwide ban of all kinds of nuclear weapons. Germany and Japan must accede to the „Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons“ of the United Nations.


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Sayonara Nukes Berlin
Anti Atom Berlin
NaturFreunde Berlin
Greenpeace Energy

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Rote Beete
Coop AntiWar Cafe
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You can listen to the exclusive remixes of Aizu-Bandaisan (a folk song from Fukushima) that were created for our anti-nuclear Kazaguruma Demo – Remember FUKUSHIMA – held on March 7th, 2015 in Berlin.  Enjoy a wide variety of 14 songs!

Our deepest appreciation goes to the artists who devoted their time and effort voluntarily to this project.  Thank you so much!!

Please note:   The artists who provided the songs retain the copyrights and duplication of the copyrighted material for commercial use without permission is prohibited.


Sayonara Nukes Berlin

「かざぐるまデモ」やります! ”フクシマを忘れないで!”  かんしょ踊りで大行進 07.03.2015

Flyer (front) 

Kazaguruma-Demo to mark the 4th Anniversary of FUKUSHIMA

Sa. March 7th, 2015,  from 13:00 Uhr Brandenburger Tor

 Sayonara Nukes Berlin, Anti-Atom-Berlin and NaturFreunde will hold its third anti-nuclear public rally “Kazaguruma Demo” on March 7, 2015. Our motto will be: “Vergesst FUKUSHIMA nicht! (Remember FUKUSHIMA!)”.

We will march through the city center of Berlin holding Kazaguruma (pinwheel in Japanese) to remember the lesson learned through the Fukushima disaster and call for a nuclear-free future. 

To show our respect to the culture that the people in the Fukushima region embrace, we will dance one of their traditional folk dances “Kansho-Odori”with remix music of a popular folk song from Fukushima called “Aizu-Bandaisan” in our parade.  

Join us and dance with us!

* Kazaguruma (pinwheels) will be distributed during the opening of the demo on 07.03.

What does “Kansho-Odori” look like?  Check this out! =>






Wanted! Remix to be played at Kazaguruma Demo on 07. March 2015

Send us your cool remix to be played at the public demonstration in Berlin!

Sayonara Nukes Berlin is planning its third anti-nuclear public rally “Kazaguruma Demo” on March 7, 2015. Our motto will be: “Vegesst FUKUSHIMA nicht! (Remember FUKUSHIMA)”. We will march through the city center of Berlin to remember the lesson learned through the Fukushima disaster and call for a nuclear-free future.  To show our respect to the culture that the people in the Fukushima region embrace, we will dance one of their traditional folk dances “Kansho-Odori” in our parade.

The music that is used for the “Kansho-Odori” dance is a popular folk song from Fukushima called “Aizu-Bandaisan”.

Berlin has a leading club culture and the city is the birthplace of the “Love Parade” as well.   We would love to see this seemingly-old-fashioned folk music like “Aizu-Bandaisan” remixed and revived into a cool techno dance music and presented in the city.

Here you can listen “Aizu bandaisan Sayonara Nukes Berlin version”. (Wave file)会津磐梯山_(Aizu_Bandaisan)_.mp3(MP3 file)

We are ready to give you all the data from this version for free.

The stipulation is that the remix version should be a powerful upbeat music of max. 5 minutes to be danced with “Kansho-Odori”.

Please download the sample file below and feel free to work on it.


Audio files(90BPM,48Khz)


Wav files

MIDI files

Please use a file hosting and upload your file to a service provider such as Send the link to your file to  (Do not attach your file directly to your e-mail.).

If your remix is accepted, your music will be played by DJs at our parade.

Please note: We do ask for your contribution on a voluntary basis. No copyright fees will be paid. Your kind cooperation will be very much appreciated!

We welcome your participation with your remix music from all over the world! (You don’t have to be a resident of Berlin.)  We also welcome Berlin DJs who are interested in joining us and playing music at our Kazaguruma Demo!

Please send your music files no later than February 27th, 2015

Contact: Manami

If you would like to know more about  „Aizu Bandaisan“ und „Kansho-Odori“,  please check out links below.



Join our Anti-Atom Kazaguruma Demo!

8th March, 2014
13:00 ~
Brandenburger Tor (Platz des 18.März am Brandenbruger Tor)


3 Years have almost passed since the first day of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster in Japan. Is the Japanese government really doing its best to solve this global problem? And are the energy policies around the world really going the right direction?

We, as human beings, have the right to live without the fear of the dangers of nuclear power. Join us in this global rally for cleaner energy. The theme this time would be kazaguruma (little hand made wind mills), now a symbol for energy transition.

-After performances and speeches at Brandenburger tor gate, we will march to the Japanese embassy

-Performances will include a Satirical Comedy dance theater group organized by Bodypoet (Kazuma Glen Motomura) and GreenPeace Solar Drums etc.

-Come as you are, but with your own little kazaguruma (windmill), or signs would be great.

How to make one;

We, Sayonara Nukes Berlin, along with Anti-Atom Berlin, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schacht KONRAD e.V., NatureFreunde Berlin e.V. will conduct an anti-nuclear demo in solidarity with the Sayonara Nukes movement originating from Fukushima, Japan.
We will submit an open letter to the Japanese government urging discontinuation of nuclear energy, evacuation support for people of contaminated areas (it is voluntary and not supported by the government), and better action against urgent matters.

Facebook Event-Page


■Sayonara Nukes Berlin
■Anti-Atom Berlin
■Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schacht KONRAD e.V.
■NaturFreunde Berlin e.V.