What is SundayResearch?

SundayResearch is a small organization of Sunday reseachers. Sunday researchers are researchers, but they usually don't have research job in weekday. Instead, they research on Sunday (Saturday, or holidays). Their hobby is research. The research area is vast and any: Mathematics, computer science, biology, literature, .... But the main point should be fun.

Anyone who would like to share the fun of learning, please join us. It is not necessary at here, but in any way.


Hitoshi and Sapphire 2012
Co-Founder &
Chief junior Sunday researcher
Working area
  • Understanding small things
  • Matheliebhaber
  • Khan academy translator (Japanese & Deutsch)
I believe that a better education is the only possible solution to make the world better. This is not a magic solution and can not solve everything, but I believe it's worth to try to do. To realize this, I believe two things are needed:
  1. Mentoring children how to learn
  2. Provide learning materials
For 1., I work at a few Berlin schools that how to learn learning mathematics. I hope children get the fun feeling of math. The problem is I don't know how to scale this for more children yet. For 2., I work for Khan academy site and contents translation. German and Japanese children usually need own language support. Math and literature are fun for me, so I do some own math and literature research on Sundays.
Hitoshi and Sapphire 2012
Co-Founder &
Chief senior mentor
Working area
  • Mentoring junior Sunday researchers
She taught Hitoshi that what is the most important thing in the life, the happiness. She mentored Hitoshi that how to achieve the one's happiness and she suggested to Hitoshi to care about three things.
  1. Life
  2. Love
  3. Understanding
Without life, no happiness, without love, no meaning of the happiness. Then she searched inside the Hitoshi's mind, what is missing in him. She suggested to pursuit in the way of understandings, since it seems that is Hitoshi's way. She also suggested to try math, literature, art, and music. Because the fun of math comes from its beauty. What she taught was: without learning art, Hitoshi cannot understand the real beauty of mathematics. Without learning literature, Hitoshi cannot tell the beauty of mathematics. The music is the way of feeling mathematics as Bach showed us a long time ago. The day she taught this to Hitoshi, the SundayResearch has been established.

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