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Join our Anti-Atom Kazaguruma Demo!

8th March, 2014
13:00 ~
Brandenburger Tor (Platz des 18.März am Brandenbruger Tor)


3 Years have almost passed since the first day of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster in Japan. Is the Japanese government really doing its best to solve this global problem? And are the energy policies around the world really going the right direction?

We, as human beings, have the right to live without the fear of the dangers of nuclear power. Join us in this global rally for cleaner energy. The theme this time would be kazaguruma (little hand made wind mills), now a symbol for energy transition.

-After performances and speeches at Brandenburger tor gate, we will march to the Japanese embassy

-Performances will include a Satirical Comedy dance theater group organized by Bodypoet (Kazuma Glen Motomura) and GreenPeace Solar Drums etc.

-Come as you are, but with your own little kazaguruma (windmill), or signs would be great.

How to make one; http://sayonara-nukes-berlin.org/?p=507&lang=de

We, Sayonara Nukes Berlin, along with Anti-Atom Berlin, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schacht KONRAD e.V., NatureFreunde Berlin e.V. will conduct an anti-nuclear demo in solidarity with the Sayonara Nukes movement originating from Fukushima, Japan.
We will submit an open letter to the Japanese government urging discontinuation of nuclear energy, evacuation support for people of contaminated areas (it is voluntary and not supported by the government), and better action against urgent matters.

Facebook Event-Page https://www.facebook.com/events/288800657933740/


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